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We Mac users are left out in Siberia

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We Mac users are left out in Siberia

I have the latest Flip4Mac but cannot view the streaming cam on my Mac. Quicktime tells me, "The url is not valid."


Any help would be deeply appreciated. For a while I could watch; now my addiction is not be fed one bit. Sad


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Not sure if this will be of help or not.....

Have any of you contacted your Apple store - or the tech people?  The reason I ask is because I was in an Apple store on Saturday.  While I was waiting,  I played around with the machines on display.  I pulled up the Africam homepage on the first machine and was surprised when the streaming cam came up with no problem at all.  So, I moved onto the next machine and did the same thing.  EP came up,  with good streaming and sound.   Eight machines later - all showing streaming cams, and now a crowd asking what is this cam Eye-wink

So, it has to be a small thing in your machines to tweak?   Perhaps you can call, or visit Apple and ask them? 

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I am running OS 10.4.11 on my iMac, using Firefox and Safari (both with latest updates) as browsers and have no probs watching cams (also have installed FlipforMac ! ) . Actually Safari works a bit better with the cams. It always helps to give the cams some time to get displayed successfully. Not a big help, but wanted to tell you how it worked here. (Austria, Europe)


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I'm having the same problem. Could someone out there PLEASE offer some assistance?

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