Tembe cam has limited to no control of the cam at times. Nkorho cam is down. We are working on a solution. Thank you for your patience

webcam log on

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webcam log on

Hi - since yesterday - when I want to log onto the webcams - it gives me an advert to look at - this on all three cameras - what is happening.  Getting withdrawal simtoms because I can't get my daily dose of my wildlife - please help.  Thank you........Ballito

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Hi, I was facing a similar problem. I triedwhat you suggested and it works just fine now. Thanks!


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Hi Ballito, Go to the Home tab at the top then click the button of the cam you want to watch. You'll get a short ad then it SHOULD go to the cam. I just tried it with Firefox and it worked. The link to the Home page is also here. The NK cam is working but the EP cam is down. It is dark at Tembe and Flamingo cam. Hope this helps.

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