Welcome to the Africam boma!

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Welcome to the Africam boma!

Dear Africammers,

Welcome to Africam and the Africam Boma!

Africam is a website dedicated to African (and other) Wildlife and wildlife related issues like travel, culture, photography, pets etc.

Please read the following guidelines, before posting on the Africam Boma:

  • Before posting, please choose the most appropriate forum for your posting. If you do accidentally post in the wrong Forum, the Moderators may either move your post to a more appropriate one or, in exceptional circumstances, delete it. The Moderators will, however, send you a Private Message (PM) to explain why your post has been moved or deleted.
  • Keep The Africam Boma clean! We want Africam, to be open to people of all ages, genders, religions, races, and sexualities, so posting any material which is abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, politically or sexually oriented or threatening will be deleted. Any political statements will be deleted without warning. The same rules of respect and communication noted here for the forum applies to the PM's. (Private Messaging)
  • Usage of Private Messages : Private Messaging is a helpful tool when needing to speak to someone in a non-public environment. If you do happen to receive any inappropriate or threatening private messages or spam from other members, please do not respond to the sender and feel free to forward a copy of the message to the moderators or forum administrator. When a member persists in sending insults, attacks or denigrates another member (including moderators and forum administrators) by way of PM, this will be considered in violation of our guidelines. Thank you for keeping the boma a friendly place.
  • Images in the signature may not be bigger than 90 x 120 pixels, and the sum of file sizes of all images in the signature may not exceed 25 KB.
  • Nicknames and identities. The nature of this forum requires people to be able to trust who they are speaking with, so please use only one nickname on the message board. Anyone found to be posting under more than one ID will receive a warning. Nicknames we feel to be offensive or inappropriate in anyway will not be accepted upon registration or will be removed.
  • Advertising your personal website in your profile, or in posts, is only allowed if it is contributing in some way to Africam and African wildlife and should, preferably, contain a link to Africam. Websites that are posted purely for commercial gain are not allowed without permission from the Administrators of Africam. Please contact them on ads@africam.com if you are in any doubt - or if you wish to advertise your business via Africam.
  • When posting images, they should not exceed 480 x 385 pixels, and the sum of file sizes of all images in one post may not exceed 240 KB. No more than 4 images should be posted in any single message, to make it easier for other cammers to view them and to give others a chance to post images. Any message which contains more than 4 images will be deleted. To help to make the picture pages easier to navigate, any repeated images will be deleted to save bandwidth and to speed up page downloads for those with slower internet connections.
  • When quoting a post with an image in it, please remove the image from the post. When quoting a quote, please remove the irrelevant parts from the message. This will also speed up page download and won`t waste bandwidth.
  • When creating a new topic or posting on forum, please don't use all capital letters as the use of all capital letters is considered "shouting" on the internet.
  • The Boma is a place to chat about the Africam streaming cams.

  • Linking to smileys or images hosted by a third-party website is not allowed, unless you have their approval.
  • The posting of pictures of birds/animals not seen on the cams is allowed as long as they have been taken by you and are of interest to other cammers. These pictures may only be posted on 'All Things Wildlife' or 'All Things Birds' but not on the Nkorho Forums.
  • Random pictures, taken from the internet, other wildlife camera sites or other sources, are not allowed unless they are posted for identification purposes or to ask questions about the animal featured. These should be posted on the Nkorho Wildlife Forum only. Please do not post pictures which may infringe copyright!
  • The posting of URLs from other wildlife-related sites is allowed as long as these are posted for the genuine interest of other cammers and are not considered to be 'free advertising'.
  • Follow copyright rules. Do not copy articles or pictures from other URLs without the author's permission. If you have permission to post articles or pictures you found via other websites, please include the link to the website. Any URLs posted which, in the opinion of the Moderators or the site owners, is designed to advertise Game Parks or lodges will be deleted and persistent posters of such URLs may risk being banned from the site.

If these guidelines are not followed, warnings will be sent via a Private Message (PM). Should anyone
continue to ignore the guidelines they risk having their membership of Africam cancelled and their IP blocked!

Happy Camming!


Africam Admin