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What did you do on World Animal Day - 4 October 2008

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What did you do on World Animal Day - 4 October 2008

WAD or World Animal Day - a special oppertunity for anyone who loves animals.

Did you celebrate it or didn't you even know about it? Here on africam we are going to celebrate it for an entire week. How are we going to do it?

You can tell us about your pets or tell us about which animals fascinate you, be it a animal in a zoo or a animal on a farm .... or a animal on a cam. You can post pics of those animals, or to illustrate your special encounter.

To read more about it go to the website of WAD, click here


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I know about WAD. And I know it is 4 october every year. We are told at school and  in church. October 4 was chosen as World Animal Day as it is the Feast Day of St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.It is said he talked to the animals  and even his first preach  he preached for the animals. People called him  mad at that time. . He loved mother nature. He had a verry interesting life. Before he died  he wrote : Het Zonnelied(sun song). In Holland  pet stores , schools even tv always every year pay attention  for  WAD.  In my garden  I have that  flower  from the picture you see. We  call them  St.Francis flower(Aster tradescantii) and when it is WAD i always take some of this flowers out  of my garden to put into my livingroom and reminds me  to WAD and St Francis of Assici


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I went to the pet-shop on Saturday to get catfood and when I got there, they were distributing free samples snacks/food because it was World Animal day:-)

I had no idea it was World Animal day myself.

I think my cat must have known because he brought me a little mouse and it was still alive. I put it outside again and it ran off, probably still in shock of his adventure but he looked ok Smiling




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I must confess, I didn't know it was World Animal Day.  But unkowingly, we did do our little bit on that day.  A young dove had flown into our glass sliding door and one of our kitties raced out and grabbed it and took off across the yard with hubby in hot pursuit.  Kitty must have opened her mouth for a breath, or decided it would be wiser to drop the bird.  Whichever, the bird dropped from her mouth and hubby retrieved it.  We took it across to our neighbour who has birds and often plays nursemaid to sick birds and critters.  The poor thing has a broken leg, but she has splinted it (as she has done in the past) and the bird is sitting up in a cage, looking quite bright.  We are hoping it will make a good recovery and can be released.  Smiling


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I did not do anything special yesterday, but I have made a pledge to get started early for next year. My community is usually pretty much spot on for all sorts shows and activities involving our pets, but I heard nothing about WAD. Now I know, and by next year so will every community event planner  :-)  .

And I also will become more involved with pet rescue. I hear all my friends here on Africam talking about their rescue pets and even tho I can not take in any more pets, I can help those that do ! This is something that all of us that love animals, but for whatever reasons are unable to keep pets,  can do. It takes a lot of money to foster a pet. Clip the coupons and pick up food stuff when you spot a deal. I can do that.  I do try and donate old towels and blankets to my local animal shelter, but I will make a bigger effort to do it more often. My Bud Dog has more toys than a nursery for 2 year olds !  Life enrichment for animals in a shelter is very important.

Within the near future ..this week ..I will find a pet walker/trainer  for Bud Dog to take him on adventures  and maybe teach him to be more gentle with me when we walk. I love that Dog with all my heart, and it breaks everytime he whimpers at the window when he sees the neighborhood dogs on a walk. 

Oh yea, my eyes have been opened. I can do a lot more than I have been doing, and who knows, it will probably enrich my life tenfold Smiling

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