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What do I do?

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What do I do?

Hi, I used camstudio to record a jackal closeup for 4mins, but the size is 814MB, and I didn't edit. So how do I resolve, or upload it?

mattib13 (not verified)
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Thanks guys,

But it gets stuck even when I try upload a 56MB video.

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Hi Mattib, indeed your video is too large, I use a free program called Any Video Converter to compress my videos.

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good morning mattib, sorry I am not that familiar yet with video making or posting of them.  But sounds like it is too large to upload via africam video upload.  I also don't know how to edit a video so unless someone else offers other advice only think I can think of is to post it to something like youtube and provide the link or embed it on this thread HERE There are threads with other info about videos there also that might help.


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