What does Africam mean?

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What does Africam mean?


A is for the Animals that we enjoy seeing on the cams

F is for the Future of the wildlife that we love

R is for the Right of the animals to exist - against all the odds

I is for the Insurgance of humans, whose personal objectives do not always include the Animals that have a right to live in 'their' natural environment

C is for Conservation of course - but our Conservation efforts must also include the Preservation of endangered animals. C is also for the Cams - if we want to see more exciting Cams they have to be paid for, somehow?

A is (also) for.... Africam and also Are we prepared to help to preserve the Animals, and their environment - or do we, instead, pay lip-service whilst enjoying the benefits of websites such as Africam provides for us, for free?

M is for watching the Monkeys on the cams - but is also for Money and for My donation to Africam that has been Made........ because I am prepared to put My Money where My Mouth is....... in the Interests of the Animals that we are priveledged to watch every day.

Africam needs your donations, however small, in order to enhance your personal viewing - and to help to teach the world about Conservation issues.

Go to the Africam Home Page to find out how you can donate and help Africam to educate more people around the world about Conservation and the preservation of the animals that we watch on the Cams.

Your donations will be very appreciated by Africam, however large or small they may be, and will not only enhance your viewing but will aid Conservation efforts in Southern Africa.

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Hello Dolly.  I'm not sure if you have had a chance to read this post from Africam.  (my apologies if I am being redundant).

This post comes as a response from Africam and can be found in a locked thread in the watering hole here .  You can also read  all the comments that were posted prior to.   Africam is not telling anyone to donate.  Please read Campbell's post and you should have a more clear understanding.


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Dear all members,

I have decided to lock this topic as I feel this discussion is or has become a downward spiral of misinformation and misinterpretation. The facts are that Africam will be moving away from Wavelit, for business reasons and will be setting up ourselves independently, which means we will be running our own streaming servers. In this process we have and will be setting up some strategic relationships with other organizations like Kids in the Nest, which is normal business practice. I appreciate everyone’s concern and input, but we are quite satisfied with our financial and business strategy of Africam, and this move is only one spoke in a large wheel in Africam’s development.  Africam is a for profit company and thus cannot disclose its business strategy publicly, and as much as we would like to keep you informed I’m sure everyone will understand this would undermine the Africam we have all grown to love. Further to this I would like to clarify that the donations initiative was an initiative brought about by members wanting to donate to Africam. This was not our initiative an in fact it took some convincing on our side to initiate this. We appreciate the support that many of you have shown through your generous donations, and I assure this money is being put to good use developing Africam, making it a better experience for all.




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Right now it think africam is telling us to donate !!! No word no nothing ...SmileTAB i would like to ask you how do know if we donate or not ?Smile

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  very well put -  Laughing

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