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What Is Wrong With This Elephant? (PICS)

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What Is Wrong With This Elephant? (PICS)

Most of the time Kruger’s wildlife looks picture-perfect. Sometimes, however, you come across an animal that looks slightly different. Last year a friend of mine went to the Kruger National Park. The other day he showed me some of the photos he took and there seemed to be something curious about one of the elephants in the pictures. Can you spot what is odd about this elephant?

After seeing a few elephants sleeping in the bushes spotted this lone elephant bull. Elephants hardly ever fail to impress just by their size and grace.

The party watched the pachyderm pull some branches out of a dry bush, but there was something other than the size of this specimen that attracted many curious looks. The animal seemed out of proportion and nearly a bit comical. As soon as the elephant dropped his trunk to the floor we figured out what was off with this animal.

This elephants trunk was much longer that his legs! With his trunk dragging on the floor the elephant did make for a curious sight. At a closer look it is actually the legs that are out of proportion, which is also why the head seems rather large. We decided to name him “Stompie”. For comparison’s sake I have added an image of a more conventionally shaped elephant taken by Skekek Productions.

The elephant’s trunk is an impressive tool, but poor Stompie’s head and trunk just look much too big for his body. As far as we know, Stompie is still around, so the next time you visit Kruger National Park...

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