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What Bandwith is been used on streaming?

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What Bandwith is been used on streaming?

Morning to all. I've done the search on possible same question. I did not find the answer. Please inform me to what amount of bandwidth would be used on say 2 hours of full streaming a camera? If I would down load a Movie of 120 mins, could I say that it counts for the same bites been used on 2 hours streaming. I'm just curios as to my capped limits

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If you're on Mac or Linux use Netstat to find out. If you're on windows there are many free programs (including Netstat) you can use. Netstat is a little clunky in windows so it's better to use something like Networx which will not only measure and tell you your bandwidth usage but allow you to set it to close the link before you reach your capped limit (or whatever limit you set for yourself).


I should add that it's probably not possible to tell you based on our own bandwidth usage as every carrier measures bandwidth differently - which is how they compete - some charge you for the headers and others strip them out before adding up.

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