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When is the best time to see a lion?

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When is the best time to see a lion?

Hello; Jfoster59 here posting my first blog entry on Africam.com. I have a question: When is the best time to see something like an elephant or hyena......or lion? I always come here to "Africam" but I barely see any animals! So, please! Tell me the best time to spot a lion!

Jfoster59 out! Peace!

Jfoster59 is a lion lover, and he wants to see his favorite animal, so have a heart and tell him when to see one. God bless you all.

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So, you're saying that

So, you're saying that people barely see lions? WOW!

Now that's a shocker. But, I know if I keep looking, I just might see one. So, thanks anyway! I'll be sure to get involved in the forums too!

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Hi and welcome to Africam

Hi and welcome to Africam and the forum.  I do hope you will join us in the daily created waterhole chat thread where we talk about what we are seeing and hearing at the waterholes.  There is no particular time for sightings as the animals show up at all times day and night without notice.  Right now we are starting the season where we do see more and more animals around the waterhole as it gets dryier out in the bush.  Lions particularly are rare sightings but do occur and are great to see.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.... especially when the cams go down.

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