when is the best time to veiw the streming cams?

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when is the best time to veiw the streming cams?

like what time est in the USA would it be best to check out one of the streming cam?

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For me, the late afternoons and evenings are  the best since it's the main day-time viewing opertunity I have but  during the night just before dawn may also give you some sitings.


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Hi Allison and welcome to the forum.  There really isn't a best time as the wildlife come and go as they please.  We are just now entering the most active season for sightings as the need for water increases in the dry season so more come to the waterholes to drink.  You can look at prior pictures that have been posted or past sightings logs and see that really anytime something could show.  It does seem to me that for Eastern time zones your best overall viewing times might be your mornings when it is late afternoon at the waterholes.  That gives you the daylight for easy seeing and zoomie on duty too.  During most of your daylight time, it is night there but that can also bring some exciting viewing at times.  Hope you will join us in the daily created chat thread where we talk about what we are seeing and hearing at the waterholes.  Hope this helps.


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