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Where do I find

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Where do I find

The 'Hello', haven't been here for such a long time link?  Where is everyone?  So many places... so many links.  I just wanted to come in and say 'hello' and see if there were names I knew still posting.  This site is so complicated now.... not user friendly, but I wanted it to be.

 For those that may know me, please email me and tell me how it all works now.

I am happy to see that Aficam is back (that's how long it has been for me)  How many 'oldies' are here?

I will check back (that's if I remember which forum I logged in to! Think it is the Campfire but not sure. LOL!)

Regardless... happy camming everyone!


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Joined: Jan 15 2008

hi Kess, I am fairly new to africam but could be considered an oldie too lol.  I agree it is hard to find your way around the forum with so many threads.  What i found works best for me is once you have gotten the basics from the sticky threads, on the forum's main page click the active discussions link at the top.   This way you can see which threads have last been posted on, see what is new since you last clicked on the thread, and how many replys were made in the thread.  Hope this helps.  Welcome back.


Have you seen the new member guided tour page yet? See it here Want to keep up with what's happening in the forum? Check the recent posts page. Become Africam Wise see the Africam Wiki

Gerda (not verified)
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Hello Kess !

Welcome back to Africam !!

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Joined: Feb 18 2006

Hi Kess, welcome back my friend, I certainly do remember you from a few yrs ago, great to see your name pop up again!  (((HUGZ))))CoolSmile

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