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Which Camera are you using ? ( i bought myself a present!)

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Which Camera are you using ? ( i bought myself a present!)

Hello all photo-makers.

I wonder which camera you all are using ?

After reading a lot of reviews i bought myself a Canon Powershot SX 10 IS.Smile

main reason why i bought it: it has 20x optical zoom and Macro is possible on 0 cm!

although the manual is 289 pages ( on CD rom) Its  was pretty easy to start with, without first having to study  the manual completly.

I have this camera for 5 days now and i am very very satisfied with it.

As soon as i have time.  i will visit a Zoo close to were i am living and post results.

i am rather busy on work now and a very ill friend (:

But i do  wonder which camera's are used by the Boma members.

(maybe also picture's taken with it ?)

Maybe this topic can help others who still are searching in making a descision on which camera to buy.

have a nice day all and take care.



Tabs (not verified)
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i have not even unpacked my new camera yet as I have my right arm strapped onto a 'contraption' following shoulder surgery.

it comes off in late january and I hope that you won't mind if I ask you for any help that I may need with the camera once i am able to use it

i would really like to see a few of your pics - especially those done with the macro function - do you have my email addy 

please excuse the lack of capitals etc as i have to type, and use the mouse, one-handed Tongue out

Iceage (not verified)
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Yesterday i was thinking in my self... I should buy a bunch of flowers.. Put them outside in the rain and then make photo's.

after the fotoshoot i always can sent what is remaining of it to you Cerinthe  Smiling

anyway .. i hope you see what the macro of the sx10 can do.

The zoom can do nice things also.. i have some test example's from myself on that. If you want me to post them i can do that.

*edit* the sx10 can come close at 0 YES ZERO cm.

I made some.. but deleted them because while  playing with the camera  i accidently formatted the memory card (:  and all test foto's exept a few that i did save on my Computer.

Take Care.

I have to run... (work is calling me)


Iceage (not verified)
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Cerinthe ill do it now. Hold on. Its not what i have taken but its from examples' i found before i bought it. edit will do some examples.

"pics removed by moderator."

 I dont think i did anything wrong with (C)opyright because that is what i found on as far as i have seen it is all testing.

I searched on SX10.

Now i get realy curious on what a butterfly would look like!

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Joined: Oct 16 2005

When are you going to show us a example of what this macro can do?

Iceage (not verified)
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Tabs, I hope you enjoy it as much as i do!

For me the 20 x zoom works perfect! same as the macro does.

I still have to read the manual... its 290 page's.

I Think that on each camera you will buy ore get nowadays it will have a lot of functions you are never gooing to use.

I am pretty sure i will use the zoom option, the macro option and the aquarium preset a lot!

Have Fun Tabs!




Tabs (not verified)
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Hi Iceage

 My husband decided that he would buy me a new digital camera for Christmas...

Being lazy about doing research about what to buy, I went to a local camera shop today, asked to speak to someone who knew about these and, guess which camera he recommended and, eventually, sold me?

Yup, the Canon powershot SX 10

I was very impressed with many of the features of the canon powershot SX 10 even though the zoom functionality was not quite what I was looking for - and there are too many functions, generally, than I will ever use.

The macro capability, however, is the best that I have ever seen in a compact digital camera and the cost of the camera was very reasonable considering it's function and pxl capabilities.

I have owned, in the past, a Canon SLR, a Canon Digi-SLR and  a Lumix/Panasonic digi but none of these really lived up to my expectations. I am hoping for better things from my new camera.
Iceage (not verified)
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Hello you all photomakers,

Now that i have this new camera i also was searching on the internet for animal picture's.

I have found a Dutch female photo shooter that make's FANTASTIC animal picture's! Each picture also has her own little story about how and when she took it,  and her feelings.

Many are taken in The Netherlands ( my country) But because she also travelled to Africa to make picture's,  i have emailed her and gave her a link to our beloved  (This) africam website.

Here is the link ( were she has placed  her best work) Click on a photo to make it bigger and read her personal story on each foto.

I am very VERY VERY impressed about almost each photo she has made and uploaded.

( and i am not the only one )

Take Care!

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Joined: Feb 17 2006

cerinthe wrote:

As I'm usually on foot and don't want to carry much around I have a Panasonic FZ 30. All in one.

You can see some of my pics here.

I have been looking at the Canon Powershot G10, because I want a smaller camera that I can carry in my handbag.

If you want to stick with Panasonic, also look at the Panasonic TZ5. It's a small camera with a 10 x optical zoom, 9 Megapixel sensor and a nice big 3" screen. But I don't know how good it is for macro shots.

The camera I had with me in Vienna was a TZ3, a little older model. I am very happy with that camera when I don't want to carry my SLR equipment on me. The photos I posted in this topic were taken with my TZ3. 

Iceage (not verified)
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@ Cerinthe and blueeyed

here are some example's of the SX 10 dooing macro on flowers. ( not mine!) but it helped me making my choice.


---> The zoom action!

@ Cerinthe The sx 10 is not that sized that it will fit easy in you'r handbag! it is about 3/4 of a DSLR. 

Looking at what you need and want,  i would advice you to buy a tiny camera with GOOD macro options and a Bleep Bleep system ( sound) to find the camera easily so you wont have to turn you'r handbag empty first before you can take a picture.

I am pretty sure Katja can give you good advice alsoCool


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Joined: Oct 16 2005

Iceage, I'd love to see your macro pics with this cam. My biggest interest is flowers and insects, but I don't have a cam for it, but I do not want a cam to lie on my stomach every time I want to make a pic.


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