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Who remembers the Barn owl cam?

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Who remembers the Barn owl cam?

The fascinating Pot Plant Owl family reminds us of our early days with Africam, when there was a refresh cam mounted so that it looked inside the den of a barn owl on a river bank. My wife and I spent many hours in the wee hours of the night watching the owl pair mate, lay eggs, and raise two chicks. And then one night we logged in and the den was empty. One hoped that the fledglings took off and the parents left for the season, but not knowing was really heart-wrenching.

Anybody else been with Africam long enough to remember the barn owl cam (and what year that was)?

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Hi Zarkon

I remember very well these old days when I used watching the Barn Owl cam for hours and hours. It was one of the first live cams I knew, kind of black and white which mae the whole thing a bit spooky. I do hope that the fledglings survived!

BTW: I love the Pot Plant Owls very much too! It's great to see them grow so fast! They already are exercising the flying movement with their little wings.


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God bless Africa!

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