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Why change what worked..........................

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Why change what worked..........................

please im dying to hear the details on why africam has decided to make it self even harder for someone without an expensive computer to access....    For the life of me i cant understand why u take something that worked and was simple ( the streaming of cams.) and turn it into a headache (silly flash software).... it has added undue strain on my poor system and now i cant do anything if i have a cam open, let alone trying to have the 2 up...   i will also add it takes the "live" feeling out of it all and i am positive it adds more buffering. Sadly it means till i can afford a new pc i will miss more and more of what i love Sad

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gday , just want to thank whom ever put the link up to onenet , it does work a lil better there but no ep Sad ...  ep is just a mess the fps is all over and not even worth the effort it takes to open.. so i wont be logging any sightings there anymore Sad

now since i use onenet and not here what ads can i click to help africam earn money.. anyone know...  gee i hope all this flash stuff  is worth the losses


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