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Why is africam not retaining rights to there images and film... Instead of members youtubing them and youtube earning off them

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Why is africam not retaining rights to there images and film... Instead of members youtubing them and youtube earning off them

look i find this  a real silly thing.. obviosly u should have somewhere we can post on here...  the idea of going to youtube  makes me sick.... id rather support your sight, rather than one that has tricked people into losing the rights they own over the film submited . do ya self a favour stop us from posting all over the web and retain some rights to your images, film and sounds.... i love this sight been coming here from the start.. lets make sure that to get images or video, of africam, you must come here and support africam direct not youtube......

LostInOz (not verified)
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gday jono thanks for the clarification set my mind at ease. plus sounds exciting.... putting my brain into idea mode right now Smiling . have a good day and ty

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Hi all, let me chme in here some more.

Firstly this issue is important to us - hence the "spot on" comment

Since we inserted a watermark on our content we are pretty relaxed about our content finding its way to the youtubes etc - as mentioned, its more marketing for Africam.

However, Africam would also like to establish a central repositary of all the great content its viewers record - a place users can feel comfortable uploading their recording. It means then that we can strive to have the best clips in one place - the Africam site

Obviously we need to make sure that the facilities are there and there is reason to do so. One idea would then be to blast the content from there to other video portals automatically (a bit more tricky, but we are looking into it). The other would be to create a personal space where a viewer can collect their stash.

this would also facilitate video of the day/week/month feature.

We are planing in having this up in about 4-5 weeks and in fact we are already testing some components of the facility.

So now's the time for your ideas





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I don't think anybody has hurt africam in any way by posting videos of africam on YouTube. It is one of the few ways to post a video and africam did gain by becoming known for what it offers.

I'd say wait and see what Jon has up his sleeve. His cryptic words must mean something special. I can't wait to see what it is. Smiling


LostInOz (not verified)
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gday scat thanks for the comments....

      From what im aware they generate income through. web clicks (advertisements) as well from licencing of the footage to be used on television and other medians.  as well as a database of film.

    From the corporate stuff i've read about youtube they are trying to figure how to profit share with people who have submitted vids etc..


I hope i m not offending anyone as i have posted out there on the web myself.. i just became aware of a potential situation and was curious on alternarives... As also, am having no desire to hurt africam in any way..

 having agoraphobia africam is the world to me and i just want to protect it to ensure it's here forever.. on a personal note im just gonna try and be a lil bit more discriminatory about where i post and leave the exciting footage to africam to decide what to do with.... 

ok last paragraph i promise lol..           footage like the giraffes recently investigating the skull and sucking on bone. Is some of the most unique footage i have seen .. countless hrs of docs and i never seen such a thing. which has gotta add value to the images..


have a good day scat i hope i helped be a bit more clear  .. i dont get much human contact so not always best at explaining stuff Smiling

Scatron (not verified)
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Well, I'm one of them (internet users) who enjoys YouTube  and am admittedly drawing a question mark as to how in posting videos made from Africam footage, we are hurting Africam in any way. In truth, I've thought all along I was promoting Africam, proudly showing off what those who hadn't discovered it yet were missing!

Not sure how YouTube profits from videos posted there.....Admittedly, I'm apparently very unknowledgeable about that part. 

I'm also surprised at the "spot on" from the admin. You see, I don't personally wish to do anything that would harm Africam's success (such as posting videos on YouTube) but am questioning how this is so "spot on" when Africam has it's own group on the YouTube Aquila said. Can you see how that might look contradictory?

Please note that I'm not trying to appear challenging or confrontational (hard to know what another means via the typed word and/or how they mean it) but this site means a lot to me and I'd hate to think something I've been doing was viewed with displeasure and that it took the opening thread post to bring this displeasure to light. 


Aquila (not verified)
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Thanks LostinOz! I have a terrible internet connection problem going on so am really slow in replying right now. Yeah, I don't really like youtube either but they sure do have a World wide audience and it does generate interest in Africam. For that purpose it is good.

Will be interesting to see what ever we are watching for here on Africam. Smiling

LostInOz (not verified)
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thank for commenting aquila :)  if africam retains ownership in some agreement with youtube. i agree.... a great way to advertise,.. but otherwise they are losing there most valuable asset.....  the images and footage...  all im saying is they should protect there intellectual property, it's one thing to allow users to use it in a private use sense and another for youtube and webshots etc to profit off it  ..  but not saying dont use youtube not a "hater" lol, just noticed on a site i was using that i lost ownership over anything posted and it concerned me... but admin reckons watch this space and thats what i will do ... have a good day, aquila..... lets hope a pride comes by today ...

Aquila (not verified)
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I'm a member that utilizes youtube as a hosting site for Africam recordings. Africam does not have hosting abilities that I am aware of. Even Africam has their own youtube account and members are encouraged to add their videos to it. I've never been given the impression by Africam that they wanted us to refrain from using youtube, just the opposite in fact.

Youtube is a great way to advertise and spread the word about Africam. Exposure has got to be a PLUS and exposure you get thru youtube with their millions of viewers.

I can only speak for myself but I always note Africam and which ever lodge the footage is from when hosting a video on youtube. I've had many people contact me wanting to know more about Africam and their live cams. It also brings recognition to the wonderful lodges (Nkorho and Elephant Plains) that allow us to view their World. Smiling

Just my opinion as a member that records and uploads to Youtube. Not everyone likes youtube but they are a tool for advertisement.

LostInOz (not verified)
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 :) thanks for answering admin .... im a watchin Smiling


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Spot on LostInOz - watch this space.


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