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Why did you change this site??

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Why did you change this site??

I do not like what you have done now.. It' s not dummy proof and is very confusing.. Not happy with Africam at all.. Maybe that's why you have lost many many members??.. I would suggest you bring back the old ways and get ride of this new stuff..  I have noticed much less members online including my self.. To bad because I used to love it.

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Joined: Dec 2 2008

Well, there are as many opinions as members!

It's sometimes hard to accept changes until you get used to them.

I have been pleased with reforms. It's nice to see first from peek-a-boo what's going on and then choose what ever you like. I just wanted to take part in daily chit-chat much more but my family life is so busy that not much time of my own...Smile

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I agree.

An add popping up on top of the cam picture is unacceptable.  There is enough surrounding the picture that we certainly don't need an extra add every minute.  You lost me before - I've tried it again.  You've lost me again.  So long.

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