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Wild Dogs on AFRICAM

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Wild Dogs on AFRICAM

One of the rarest and most endangered animals of Africa, the African Wild Dog recently made a special guest appearance on Africam.

The African Wild Dog also known as the "Painted Wolf" because of its unique coat, of which no two dogs have the same, is a unique treasure of the African bush. Known as highly intelligent and very social animals, their close knit structure is based on packs of 6-20. Their strong sense of community is no more evident than in the fact that all members of the pack both male and female are responsible for the protection, care, and providing of food for their young. It is their ability to work together that has allowed them to survive in an environment dominated by the big cats.

In 1999 there was only an estimated 400 wild dogs in all of South Africa. In addition they are always on the move, covering great distances unless there are young pups in the pack. The result is an animal you are not very likely to see while on safari. Seeing them live on the Nkorho cam was truly a special moment for Africam.

In case you missed it live here is the video...

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Very cool looking things!

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I think this is the video

I think this is the video that is missing from the blog entry now.  CLICK HERE

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.... especially when the cams go down.

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Very interesting, thanks for

Very interesting, thanks for pointing out the african dogs!


- Sammy, Adult Acne Dermatologist

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 The wild dog in Africa is

 The wild dog in Africa is the most beautiful animal, by all the coloring and the way they stay in their pack and take care of their young, not sure why they are so endangered, while  I watch on national geographic channel there are alot of dogs in the pack. Thanks for the pictures. I saw some pictures and video that had no picture or video picture on just a red x.

  Flyinglead, I am betz54 and I just joined Africam. I saw where the video is and I can tell you that the reason the video did not come through is, you see the red x in the left corner, that means that the person who sent the video didn't know it didn't come through. I think it is caused by not pushing down on your keys hard enough. This happens when I send e-mails out, as they are leaving I can see the red x on it and I need to send it again. Just is an error on the pressing of the keys. Maybe that person will re-send it for you and all of us. My son does the same thing to me when he e-mails my grandbabies pictures cause he is always in a hurry to do it, and I have to tell him to re do it. Bye

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On this page, it is says

On this page, it is says "here is the video", but I don't see a video anywhere.  Is it gone or am I missing something and I should be able to find and watch the video of the Wild dogs.


I was lucky enough to see Wild Dogs while on safari in 1976 at Kruger National Park. I didn't realize that there were so few now and that they are at such high risk of endangerment.


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I totally Agree with you!!

I totally Agree with you!! These animals are already becoming endangered!! Why would they chase so fast and so close? Why Chase at all??!!!!!

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fantastic to see African

fantastic to see African wild dogs, although the safari vehicle should keep more distance and show these animals a bit more respect!!

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I totally agreee. That is

I totally agreee. That is ridiculous the way the trucks sped after them. Fee paying customers of course but I would rather they had a bit more respect for the wildlife & just let it pass by without charging around after it at such a speed ! Frown

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Why would they chase it?

Why would they chase it?

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mary louise wrote:This was

mary louise wrote:
This was very interesting.  However, I observed, at two different times a dog just like these, running alone across the water hole area and another time a dog was sitting in the grass.  I supposed they usually ran in packs, but there were no other dogs around at those times.


It was most likely a hyena or a jackal. However I didnt see the specific time you are talking about but just know the activity o feach and youe dscription sounds as if it was a hyena or jackal.

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