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Wild Animal, Animal Portal

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Wild Animal, Animal Portal


One can get a wide range of information about the wild animals from the Animal Portal when one surfs the site. The summary of the animals is arranged in such a systematic manner that the information which is provided in the animal portal is useful not only to a lay person who is surfing the site but also to the researchers who are carrying their research work on wild life. This animal portal site also helps to increase the general awareness about wild animals among the children belonging to different age groups and also answers all their queries pertaining to wild life. Animal Port site also covers the legal aspects of the animal issues like animal rights. It also deals with the subject of cruelty to animals like making them work in circus and also explains the behavior of wild animals along with their psychology.

Animal Portal also contains the list of extinct and endangered animals.

Let us describe the characteristics of some of the animals as given in the list of animals of Animal Portal.

Wolf belongs to Canidae family to which our domestic dog, fox and jackal belong to. Wolves live in groups called packs. Wolves always hunt in groups .Each pack of wolves has a leader known as alpha who communicates with other wolves with a sense of authority expressing its power over other wolves. Beta Wolf is under the Alpha Wolf but is not very different from other wolves. Wolves mostly eat deer, rabbits, beaver, birds and bison and caribou which are a type of deer.

Blue Whale belongs to the class of mammals. It is the largest mammal on the earth. Blue whales are seen in the middle of the sea. The fin of the blue whale is seen when it swims in water.


Caribou is one of the types of deer. They are the herbivorous animals and have two big horns which is the extension of hair seen in the herbivorous animals like cows, buffaloes, goats and deer. Caribou is the only deer class in which both the males and females have complex and large antlers. Caribou females live more than males. The fur of caribou protects it against the extreme cold conditions as most of the caribou deers inhabit the regions with heavy snowfall like arctic and sub-arctic regions of North America. Some of the caribou also migrate to other places for food and water.


Thus we have explained about some of the types of wild animals and have discussed its features, its way of living and its characteristics and it’s carnivorous as well as its herbivorous character and how wild animals are useful to human beings.