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Wildearth's Djuma cam chat - Sunday 19 August 2007

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Wildearth's Djuma cam chat - Sunday 19 August 2007


Jersey Girl (not verified)
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South too - Smile

sagresta (not verified)
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I'm South.  Just west of Toms River & Seaside.

How about You?

Jersey Girl (not verified)
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sagresta wrote:

Jersey Girl wrote:
Sagresta - I love you! Thanks so much!

Not all us Jersey people are mean and nasty right?  Haha!

That's right - we're good folks here in Jersey!

What part are you from North? South?

Thanks again to you and Penny in SA for the helpful info!

I would have been sooooo disappointed not to get on....

I tried last night for the 6:30CAT Drive but got bumped.


Jersey Girl   Cool

ex-centric (not verified)
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  These ellies look like they're having such a good time in the wh!!!  Great having a zoomie,  thanks...

karen-inVA (not verified)
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Lea wrote:
Karen will you be posting those pictures soon?  I looked in your Elephants In Djuma folder, but it was empty.  I assume that will be the place you post the pics.
Hi Lea, sorry for delayed reply, Sonny had called me on phone with some pain issues. Now he's got me a little fired up with his service this morning it looks like. Grrrrrr

I am soooooooo far behind in getting updated pics added. I'll try to get the ellie ones uploaded in little bit, and at least put a couple in here. it's such a slooooow process getting things uploaded to photobucket

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Joined: Apr 28 2007

Going to sit on the deck with hubby catch you all later.



ex-centric (not verified)
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Lyn that was Nyala...

Lady in Michigan (not verified)
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BBL    time to clean litter box.

Auntie Lyn (not verified)
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Smiling Lea, it does help save the finger doesn't it?
Lana, thanks for the heads up that the bad feed is not just me. I've been having some computer problems this week, and thought perhaps I was having more leftover difficulties than I thought. Enjoying what I can manage to see and hear. Looks like Kudu there now? or is it Nyala with he stockings? Can't tell for certain with the feed the way it is.

ex-centric (not verified)
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Probably jinxing my self here but the vid and sound are good here.

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