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Wildearth's Djuma cam discussion Friday 31 August, 2007

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Wildearth's Djuma cam discussion Friday 31 August, 2007

~~New Day at the Dam Cam~~


Jersey Girl (not verified)
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Hi All.....

I was soooo upset and disappointed to hear the drives are cancelled til Sunday. I was so looking forward to them...Cry

Mike - Will keep fingers crossed for your lions.....Smile

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Joined: Apr 10 2007

Hi all, just got back from a pretty uneventful drive, got shots of rhino, buffs and some ellies. So far no lion sightings


Mike Moss Planning my next trip !

ex-centric (not verified)
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Ellie just walked by...I think we need the IR on now!!!!

Penny in SA (not verified)
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For those of you who might not have heard Hayley's announcement at 18H20 this evening 31st August - game drive for today (pm drive) as well as tomorrow morning and evening drive are cancelled.  They have apparently found the fault that is causing all the battery problems and tomorrow are driving to the nearest Town to see if it can be sorted out.  Hayley is holding thumbs that all will be well for Sunday morning and afternoon/evening drive and she apologised for the inconvenience but assured us that they are doing EVERYTHING in their power to resolve the battery problem.  Hopefully whoever finds this will put it at the top of the new page that gets opened for Saturday 1st September!

Sherran (not verified)
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Hi, AJ...yeah, just got on and heard that, too...guess we'll catch up sleep. Wink Have a good day/evening all.

audrey jean (not verified)
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hello all ,just heard no games drives until sunday. what are we going to do??????

miami_heat (not verified)
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inVA thans information Eye-wink

ex-centric (not verified)
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karen-inVA (not verified)
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ALSO TAKE NOTE... New Afternoon Drive time starting "tomorrow".... 30 minutes later than it has been

from the blog.....

Also from tommorow the afternoon game drive will be going out at 15h30 (CAT) rather than 15h00 (CAT). The reason for this is that it is getting hotter and hotter everyday and WE are slowly moving towards our summer schedule. Because its getting hotter each day the animals need to drink more, but there is less and less water available. That is why we are seeing larger numbers of animals like herds of buffalo and elephant coming down to the waterhole. Over the next weeks the waterholes will become more and more active as everyone waits anxiously for the rain. This is the most difficult time for animals and people in the bush ... waiting for rain.


this will also give us "more" of the night drive too, that is a PLUS Smiling

simescan (not verified)
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The water hole at Gowrie Dam is drying up...

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