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Wildibeast Skull

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Wildibeast Skull

Ive got nibs on that wildibeast skull I spoted next to the curving road leading away from the NK on Jan 11 2009

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Welcome to Africam Wildsurvivor!  Here is an explanation of how the buffalo died and the events that followed...



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It sure has been a couple of exciting days at Nkorho...

The Rangers have informed me that the Buffalo near the pan suffered from a disease that affected its respiratory system and prevented it from being able to breathe.

This particular disease does not effect carnivores, only grazers. The animals are clever enough to know the difference and knew that this carcass was fine to feed on.

The Jackals arrived first, being that they are resident in the area and extremely opportunistic.


The vultures were right behind them. When vultures are not currently at a feeding site they circle all day looking for a new one covering very large distances. Once they have found one they will alert many others.This is how they were able to arrive before any other animals.

The hyaenas arrived next. They operate on a very similar system. They are usually solitary but when food is discovered they approach in numbers for safety. There is a very good chance that a hyaena saw the vultures circling and then called for reinforcements before approaching the site.

There were no lions in the area yesterday. However it did not take long for the Styx pride to hear about the Buffalo and make their way to the pan. They arrived early Tuesday morning.



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Hello Wildsurvivor,

The skull is a buffalo skull saved from a lion kill near the NK lodge a couple of years ago.  The folks on the chat site call it Old Faithful.  Ask about it in the main waterhole chat site and many can tell you about it.  I do not know the full story but I think Barry/Alf is your best source of information.  You'd have to fight for it I'm thinking!  Do go into the chat site.  Everyone is really nice!

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