Wildlife Conservation Aims To Protect The Vulnerable Lion

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Wildlife Conservation Aims To Protect The Vulnerable Lion

Our cameras are located in wildlife reserves across South Africa. The main goal of all of these areas is wildlife conservation.

They are pieces of a world that no longer exist, being preserved in a truly natural state so that wild animals can thrive in their true habitats. One of these species is of course the African Lion which is currently listed as vulnerable.

At this point lions have disappeared from 80% of their natural territory, and are now extinct in 26 countries. The map below created by Panthera.org shows this decline.

This map is definitive evidence as to the importance of wildlife conservation. Creating and maintaining these wildlife havens for the world's lions is a massive part of this effort, but there are lots of ways to help. Panthera is an organization that is providing a unique approach to this problem with its "Project Leonardo". This campaign focuses on mitigating human-lion conflict which has been a major reason for their decline. You can read more about Panthera and "Project Leonardo" HERE.

Just like Panthera, Nkorho Bush Lodge, Elephant Plains Game Lodge and Tembe Elephant Park, our passion is wildlife conservation. We try and give our viewers a taste of the experience of being in of one of these wildlife reserves from anywhere in the world. We hope you enjoy viewing lions on our live cams, and that you will be able to continue to do so for many years to come.

[Map Source: Panthera]