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Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards 2007

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Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards 2007

On 24 October 2007 the winners of the Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards 2007 were announced.

You can see the winning, runner-up and commended images on the website of the Natural History Museum in London, UK. Click here

There are some fantastic photos on that site!

The photos can also been seen at the Natural History Museum until the end of April 2008.

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Thanks SD !


Mike Moss http://www.pbase.com/mytmoss www.mytmoss.com Planning my next trip !

smalldog (not verified)
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Oh Wow!  I'm just finding this thread.

I'm kind of surprised Mytmoss didn't win!

Amazing photo's.  Wish the exhibit would come to the USA Museum of Nat History

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Some amazing pics again. This will keep me busy for hours again.

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Yippee!  Thanks Katja, I'll look tomorrow.  Smiling


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