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Wildlife Photography Course by Daryl Balfour & WLC

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Wildlife Photography Course by Daryl Balfour & WLC

Wildlife Photography Course by Daryl Balfour & WildlifeCampus

Starting with the basics, such as equipment, wildlife photographer Daryl Balfour takes you through various situations and techniques you will need to take stunning pictures of the natural world.


The course's Modules

Lets Get Started! Daryl highlights the most important equipment needed to embark on your photography adventure. Cameras, lenses, film, tripods and camera bags are discussed from the point of view of affordability, practicality and results. He also introduces some of the more basic aspects of technique, including f-stops, shutter speed, depth of field, exposure and basic composition.

Using Your Accessories and Know-how Photography is about capturing light, and this Module focuses on how to capture images when the lighting situation is tricky. Daryl discusses flash photography, filters, difficult lighting conditions, twilight and even star-trails. He also compares a number of different and films while on a photographic safari in Kenya and Tanzania.

Real Wildlife Photography In this Module Daryl explores advances in camera technology (such as new lenses and autofocus cameras), advanced shot composition, capturing the animal within its surroundings as opposed to a solitary subject, “seeing” your subject and motion blur. He expounds on the most important aspect in wildlife photography - patience patience patience!

Understanding Lighting Photography is after all simply capturing and recording light. In this Module Daryl explains all about the qualities of light, metering, side lighting, backlight and soft lighting. He explains how best to use light to get that perfect photo, and how to change the lighting conditions where you are working.

Situations and Specific Techniques In this Module Daryl goes into detail on shooting in snowy landscapes such as Antarctica, photographing rain and the flowers it brings, getting in close with macro photography, aerial photography, exposure compensation, high speed flash and ends with a discussion on digital photography. This is the Module that will take you from good to great in those difficult, but exceptional, situations.

50 Photo Tips Consisting of just one Component, this Module gives 50 top tips to capturing great images. It is designed to be printed out and kept in your camera bag, and covers information on equipment, film, flash, light, technique, the subject and composition, and includes a handy Exposure Compensation Guide. This is the Module to take everywhere


In total 30 Components containing invaluable insights and tips on a vast range of topics. This course is filled with hundreds of examples of his own photography demonstrating various techniques, common mistakes and moments of brilliance. Applicable to the novice, dedicated enthusiast and semi-professional, this course is a MUST for those wanting to learn how to take that special shot; or for those seeking to turn their ordinary photographs into extraordinary captures of moment and time.


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