Naledi cam is down. We are working on a solution.

Will this work on a MacBook?

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Will this work on a MacBook?


I used to come here and watch the cams all the time. Then the site was down. Once it was rebuilt I started coming back and could still see the two cams that were left.  Now, I came back in today and none of the cams show. I just see a question mark.


I am on a MacBook, System 10.5.6., using cable high speed internet.  I recently downloaded the latest Safari version because my old version stopped working.  Is there something I have to add to Safari to view the cams? I already have several video players, but not sure how to make these cams work.


Thank you so much, for your help.

ThatGirl (not verified)
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Thank you both!  I will try Firefox and let you know if that was the problem.  Thanks again!

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hi and welcome back.  Yes I have heard from others that it does work with Mac's.  Right now all the cams are down and they have been down for quite a bit of the day.  Hopefully when the cams come back up it will work for you.  If not let us know and hopefully someone with a mac can give you some more help.


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Matthew 24_44 (not verified)
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Hi ThatGirl,

I use a Macbook and have no issues with the cams (other than when they're down of course).  I don't use Safari however, only Firefox 3.0.7.  Beyond that, I don't suppose I'd know what to suggest.  I also use Firefox on an Imac to watch the cams and it works fine there as well.  My guess is that the site is only configured to work with IE and Firefox as they're the two main browsers.  It's worth a try anyway.  Here's the link to download Firefox if you want to give it a go -  Take care!



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