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Windmill Lion Pride ?

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Windmill Lion Pride ?

Hi all,

as you probably noticed i have fallen in love with the Windmill Pride. ( Lions) I already got a lot of picture's (60 +) on this pride, thank you!

But still many questions are on my mind.

Most important = why are they called "the Windmill pride" ?

Probably the answer is that they are born next to a Windmill ?

But i dont have the correct answer yet.

I would like to write an article on this lovely lions.

All information that you can give me is welcome.










Iceage (not verified)
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Hi Aquila.

Thanks for this post!. The map did help , also now for making marks on google earth, I did a search on Styx pride and there is 1000 time's more to find on thoose ladies as on many other pride's so they are quit famous Wink

All the info you have put in the lions database is really great! Must have taken also a lot of time and research.  Well done ! ( Karen VA also!)

Thanks a lot!




Aquila (not verified)
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Hi Iceage, as I mentioned before I believe they are named for an area on Mala Mala called Windmill. Not sure why the area was called that but most of the lion prides and leopards are named for areas. Examples are plentiful... Lions: West Street males, Clarendon pride, Styx pride, Ridge Rock males, Mlowathi pride, Marthly pride, Charleston Pride, etc, etc, etc. Leopards: Campbell Koppies female, Jakkalsdraai female, White Cloth female, Ostrich Koppies female, Beaumont male, Bicycle Crossing male, Ngobswan female, Paradise Valley son, etc, etc, etc. Smiling

As quoted from Mala Mala in referencing the Old Golf Course males: "Their Name refelcts the area on Mala Mala known as "the Golf Course" a place where they are frequently found." ...and the Selati pride: "The Selati Pride has been so named because of the Selati Railway Line (the remnants that is) which runs through the middle of the area which they have taken to occupying on SW Toulon."

You can see the Windmill area on this Mala Mala map. It is central Mala Mala, towards the Eastern Border of Mala Mala and Kruger Nat. Park.

Mala Mala Map

Hope this helps.

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