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Windmill lion pride blows through area

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Windmill lion pride blows through area


Hi All


There was a welcomed visit from the windmill pride of lions at NK last night. I don’t think they hung around there too long, perhaps they were on the move to see if they come across anything worth hunting. When I was watching the video of them ( thanks to those who recorded them) I noticed that there was quite a strong wind blowing, which is always advantageous to hunting, as sounds are muffled and their smells are difficult to detect, leaving the prey even more at risk.



Later on, a large-spotted genet frequented the waterhole. They are strictly nocturnal and solitary animals which are dependent on the availability of water. Their diet is quite varied, mostly insects and small mammals, including golden moles and bats (very impressive, how do they do this???), birds, frogs, fruit, spiders and scorpions, plant material. Feathers of small birds are not plucked (cats pluck at least some feathers).



Here is the url to to the Africam front page to watch videos of the lions, large-spotted genet and others that were



Thank-you to everyone for taking the photos and recording the videos.


Happy camming


Cheers for now



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Hi Josh, very good picture

Hi Josh, very good picture of the lions and the Genet, i missed the live view cam was off at that time in the UK, we are 2 hours behind C.A.T. Tomatotomata

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