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Wonky the Elephant passes away..

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Wonky the Elephant passes away..


Hi folks. I don't know how many of you were familiar with a bull elephant affectionately known as Wonky who had visited Nkorho and often frequented the neighbouring reserve of Djuma and subsequently was very well known to the viewers of WildEarth game drives at Djuma.

This old chap had a crooked right tusk and deformed left hind leg.

Sadly, he passed away very recently sometime between February 20th to 23rd 2009 after reaching a grand age of at least 34 or 35. His body was found on Feb 23rd in Buffelshoek reserve.

His death was a result of injuries he sustained during a fight with a rival bull elephant.



Wonky was a grand old fella who never let his disabilities get in his way, and was so calm around the WE game drive vehicle showing his laid back character. And i'm sure he was known around Nkorho as well by the staff.


I like to think that he's up there now in heavens vast bushveld stuffing himself full of marula fruit and leaves,being kept company by Dave the Grey Duiker that used to visit Nkorho when i first joined Africam 3 years ago.


Rest in peace dear friend. I at least will miss you.


Eden, London.UK

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Wonky at Africam~~~~I will miss him.



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Thank for this news, sad though it is.    I had seen and enjoyed Wonky numerous times on the cams.  

I thoroughly enjoy the cams when I have time to watch.   


Sacramento, CA, USA


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I just went over there and posted, however, a 'sightings database' doesn't feel like the best place to pay homage to an old friend who's past. 

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hi 4EverEden.   It was known as Skewy here.  It was announced and some of the africam members have given their comments in this forum thread.  Click here

He was quiet an elephant and will be remembered.


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