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World Animal Day 2009 !!!!!

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Joined: Jun 30 2008
World Animal Day 2009 !!!!!

World Animal Day  4 October  2009


Its October again and  then this little flower is  in my garden.

We call it  St Franciscus bloemetje.

Saint Francis of Assisi  .His name day is on 4 october.

He is known as the patron of animals, who talked to the animals.

In Holland,  in  1930,     we had World  Animal Day, ( related to Saint Francis of Assisi ), for the first time.


Post  your  animal story or other  things here.

Your favourite animal, or something  about your pet.

What do animals mean   in your live ?

What  kind of special  thing do you have planned for your pet this  4th of October.  World Animal day.


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Joined: Oct 16 2005

Like Hanneke, I only feed the birds in my garden and have not started yet, it's a bit early, but I wish I can start!

Recently I have been visiting Bulgaria, to be precise the area with saltpans and many marshes around the city of Burgas. It was remarkable how many stray dogs and cats were seen. The cats were climbing all over the containers which are in the streets for people to dump their rubbish.

This young dog was running around where a lot of rubbish is dumped.

This cat was in the city of Sozopol, this peaceful moment lasted one second and then it shot off to hide from me. 


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Joined: Jun 30 2008

Just I came from outside and it is cold

I feed the birds in the garden.

No much birds seen this morning here

Only one dove and 2 crow's

I don't have pets

Tomorrow our schools  are full of animals.

Children may take their pets to school.

When I was young  I took  some snailes with me to school, because  we had no pets in house either.

For me


With africam it is every day  --  animal day


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Joined: Dec 22 2007

What a wonderful idea to have a World Animal Day.  

I got my love of animals from my mother's English side of the family.   My father did not care for animals.   I was mad for dogs as a child but never had one, not even to this day.  But I did manage to get a turtle at age 10 and brought home a cat at age 14.   But my mother fed that cat and it was her cat and I wasn't that keen on it. 

When I was 25, my sister moved to Kingston and got herself a kitten.   Shortly afterward she upped and went back to Guelph, leaving me to look after the cat until she could get it.   After five days I was in love.   My sister never got the cat back.   His name was Brutus and we adored each other.   But alas, he was not a streetwise cat and I was a first time pet owner who didn't know much, and poor Brutus was killed by a car at the tender age of nine months.  (I still go to his grave when I go back to Kingston)

But Brutus' legacy lives on in a life of animals.  I have never been without a cat since then.   I brought three out on a place when I moved to Vancouver.   I had a few ferrets.   I realized after Brutus just how much I liked animals and looked for a job at the Stanley Park petting zoo and got it.   I was there for 13 years.  Animals have been my living, my comfort, my laughter and my companions.  Animals have made me friends and have brought me to Africam.  Sitting quietly with animals is my idea of nirvana.   A world without animals would not be worth living in.  

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Joined: Feb 18 2006


i  wanted a golden lab for a companion

i drove 50 miles to a  dog -cat  shelter

a female had given birth to  10 pups

they refuge charged $50.00

i wanted a male -  their were 6 males

i sat in a room with all the pups  some came to

me -some scraped with each other - several

chewed on the tires of my wheel chair

but one - sat back and watched it all

after an hour - i went over to him - picked him up

looked him in the face said- you wanna come-

and i took him -  NAMED HIM  LYRIK

i got him nutered and off we went

he went to 7 states- 3 provinces and two territories

with me over a 10 year period - he was my pal

he developed a brain tumour and i had to put him

to sleep-



i wanted a white or black german shepherd

i looked for  6 months- then saw an add in paper

white shepherds for sale- 200 miles south

near the boarder- they had one left a female

$200.00 i bought her - took her home'


had her spade and off we went

she was with me every where i went

- again like  lyrik-  7 states- 3 provinces and two territories

never barked at any animals except one-

it was a moose and it touched the hood of the truck

she barked- i said  no ! and that was it

both dogs would sleep in overhead sleeper of camper truck

at night if the grizz was their- if some one else was with me

they slept on floor -

both dogs were in jet boats -canoe's-

and one in airplane with me

at age 14 she just  got old and worn out

i had to put her to sleep - a great friend and companion

now i just have ALF LOL






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