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I'd like to say a quick hello and thank so much for this website....

I discovered this yesterday and havent been away from the pc since

Seen so many animals and after being to SA twice last year it is so nice to have SA in my livingroom...the sounds, visuals and excitement

I think I will be addicted to this place

Thanks .....and a big HI from Holland

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Joined: Mar 4 2008

 Hi Sharon!  Welcome and prepare to be sleepier by the day. At least that's my experience with the cam watching. LOL



"Butterflies and zebras, And moonbeams and fairy tales
That's all she ever thinks about, Riding with the wind.
— Jimi Hendrix

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Joined: Feb 17 2006

Welcome to Africam!

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Joined: Jul 22 2007

Hi and welcome, when I saw your name lurking I was wondering about it as there was a famous Meikles family in Zimbawe owned the Miekle hotel I was wondering if you were family of the Zimbabwe Meikles  Smiling


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Hi and welcome to the forum.  Yes it is very addicting lol.  I hope you will join us in the daily discussion and chat threads where we discuss what we are seeing and hearing.  Feel free to ask any questions you might have there too.


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