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Wow, What a Difference in Size!

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Wow, What a Difference in Size!

While watching for the big five on the live cams, we often take for granted the familiar and often seen antelope species.  We've talked about them before, but recently we were able to see the size difference between the impala and the waterbuck.
The male waterbuck has a shoulder height of approximately 1.4 metres/55 inches, and he can weigh up to 260 Kg/573 lbs. The male impala measures approximately 900mm/35.4 inches at the shoulders and  weighs around 60 Kg/132 lbs, less than one quarter the size of the waterbuck.
The waterbuck is the largest species of the antelope that we see in this area, followed by the nyala, the kudu, the bushbuck, and one of the smallest, the common/grey duiker. The duiker females are slightly larger than the males, yet still a small species compared to the waterbucks. A male duiker averages 18.7kg/41.2 lbs in weight, and stands at a shoulder height of 50cm/19.7 inches. It would take around 13 duikers to equal the weight of one waterbuck!

Maybe one day we'll see a waterbuck and a duiker standing side by side... but don't count on it. The little duiker keeps to himself for the most part, darting in and out of the bush. He's very unlike the towering waterbuck that will stroll out in the open and lay down as if claiming the land for himself. Each antelope species is different in many ways, their horns, their markings, their habits, and of course, their size. Thank you to the impala and waterbuck for allowing us to see the size difference so easily.

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Thats such a perfect shot! I

Thats such a perfect shot! I didnt know there was that much height difference between the two...the numbers you give for reference dont seem to hold up here though, looks to me like the impala is even smaller. A young maybe? Either way, nice to see the two species getting along and not having the big guy bullying the small guy. Eye-wink

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