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WWF South Africa Launches A Twitterstorm For World Rhino Day #iam4rhinos

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WWF South Africa Launches A Twitterstorm For World Rhino Day #iam4rhinos

What's a Twitterstorm?

Well, in this case its an ambitious campaign from WWF South Africa to raise awareness about the global rhino poaching crisis and World Rhino Day which is this Sunday, September 22. Their goal is simple: One million tweets with the hashtag #iam4rhinos.

The campaign kicked off last week and has garnered support around the world from thousands of Twitter users, organizations and even celebrities.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to join in the fight and help them get to one million tweets. Just make sure you include the #iam4rhinos hashtag. Tweet, retweet and tweet again to helps save Africa's rhinos!

Check out the current count at www.iam4rhinos.com

Check out the latest tweets from the campaign:

 About the Campaign:

"On 22 September 2010, WWF South Africa established World Rhino Day, an annual event focused on raising awareness on the increased threat of rhino poaching and the illegal trade in rhino horn. Since its inception, the day has become a global phenomenon, giving every concerned citizen the opportunity to stand up for rhino conservation. This year, WWF South Africa will be taking World Rhino Day to new heights through a global Twitterstorm, centred around the hashtag #iam4rhinos.