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You know your addicted to AFRICAM when...

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You know your addicted to AFRICAM when...

You know your addicted to AFRICAM when:

1. you leave your computer, in your bedroom, on ALL NIGHT just in case you hear something, You can roll over and see what it is.

2. you look at the clock and realize that you have been on the site for 4 hours and you wonder why you feel so hungry.

3.  you leave work early because your exausted for watching AFRICAM till the wee hours... then when you walk in the door from leaving early... the first thing you do is open AFRICAM.

OMG I am an adict...I need help LOLSurprised

TheEyeSpyKid (not verified)
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there are postings of the drives on YOUTUBE... so maybe that is a way to get to watch what you miss.

Janni (not verified)
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LOL - I'll have to check if I have a limit ?? I've never been on this long rofl

Penny in SA (not verified)
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You know you are addicted when you have virtually used up your 5 gig allocation for the month and it is only the 15th July 2007 - woe is me, what is a girl to do with cams and drives to watch and no money to pay for pay for more bandwidth.  I will find a way - never fear!!!!!!!!!!!

notsewbed (not verified)
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You know you're addicted when your family gathers and you hear whisperings of the word "intervention".

TheEyeSpyKid (not verified)
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Ok.now this is bad... I woke up at 5:30 to go Pee...with the FULL intention of just crawing back in bed (no peeking at the computer)... but nooooooooo...here is it 8:13 and I still up ....WHY? you might ask....because I decided to PEEK... just PEEK mind you... ok so it was a bit more then a peek...I AM AN ADDICT...Hello my name is EyeSpy and I am addicted to AfriCam....LMTO (T=Tush)

TheEyeSpyKid (not verified)
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OMG... those are fantastic.... that is what I was trying to get started too... THANK YOU for sharing... I am still laughing... I can TRUELY related to some of those LMTO (T=Tush)

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Joined: Mar 14 2006

Welcome to africam addicts eyespy!

There is more on this subject  here


TheEyeSpyKid (not verified)
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LOL... thanks for making me feel a little more "normal"

I thought this might be fun forum to see what other "addicts" do.

No Cure... what's a girl to do....sigh....guess we need a support group for that.  LOL 

Shiloh (not verified)
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Oh, didn't you hear...there is no cure for this addiction. lol

I can certainly relate to what you are saying, especially #2 Wink Smile

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