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You say you missed the leopard at NK!?

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You say you missed the leopard at NK!?

Many times we pull up the cams and glance at the forums to see what we missed while we were sleeping, working or otherwise occupied by life.  If you didn’t get to see the live sighting of Mvula (Rain), the male leopard, at NK on July 8th, you can find it right here:


So you liked that video? Many of our members use all kinds of recording programs and picture grabbing tools and post their findings on Africam. Along with the new front page, we’d like to encourage users to upload their videos of sight worthy findings so others can share in the excitement of seeing the animals. And while the lengthy videos are always worth watching, we’d like to see a lot more of those shorter ones where you caught the glimpse of the warthog on his morning march past the waterhole, that quick drink the elegant giraffe took before wandering off, or the small herd of zebras. And of course any of the “Big 5” which include the elephant, buffalo, rhino, leopard and lion.
After reviewing the videos to avoid duplications or questionable entries, some will be selected and highlighted on the front page, with those choices changing and revolving on a regular basis.  And of course, just like anything submitted to Africam, videos will be subject to the Conditions of Use of the Africam.com Website as outlined here:  http://www.africam.com/wildlife/aup
There’s even talk of a familiar to some “Africademy” Awards being revived.
A few of the basics to remember: 
You must be logged in to Africam as a member in order to upload a picture or video. Then simply scroll down on the left side bar, and under “My Site” click on “Video”.  Once that screen opens you will see:
Upload your video clip here. Supported formats are flv, mpeg, avi and wmv. The uploaded clip will be attached to your user profile as well as featuring in Africam's library. There is even a chance your work of art could feature on our front page! We do have some limits though. No single upload can be more than 100MBytes and a total of 1.5GBytes is allocated for each user.
Don’t forget to add a title, and you can add a description in the text box.  Scroll down and you’ll see “Preview” under the text box, allowing you to take a look at the set up before you hit the “Submit” button. 
We look forward to having lots of videos to share with all our members, so watch those cams and find those critters!

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Gday Everyone,Im so glad to

Gday Everyone,

Im so glad to see the mvula vid, being enjoyed by so many...   I thought i would just add a note down here

and let you all know the vid software im using currently (its different to one for mvula vid)...

Its Called Debut Video and is free software..

 u can see teh quality of the clips it does by the clips i have done over the last week.

Hope to see many more people sharing there fav moments soon Smiling


ps can find me in chat if you need any help with teh software Smiling

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