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Zoom work at EP

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Zoom work at EP

I know it isn't the best place to write it ...but couldn't find somewhere better ...

But the issues about cams aren't always problems and complains ...

I would like to tell that the person behind EP this weekend did an excelent work. It is 8.30 CAT at night and still zooming ...I really enjoyed it very much ..Special the little ellies

I really hope it will continoue

THANK you ...THANK you very much ...Keep the good work 

At last EP cam became a great one ...Smile

marcel01 (not verified)
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Yes Fani, your right, we see great zoomie work at ep the last time. But sometimes they are just playing around(at least it seems so) Smiling )

sassabuck (not verified)
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Thanks Fani. I agree!! We have had some great sightings the last few days. Thanks EP Zoomies!!!

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