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Africam was founded in 1999 with the key objective of connecting wildlife enthusiasts with live sightings in the African bush. With the internet in its infancy and major bandwidth constraints, the team was quite limited and provided static snapshots that were taken every 30 seconds. At the time, it was a major achievement to beam these snapshots around the world and Africam was fortunate to be supported by a community that was passionate about Africa and connecting with wildlife.

Fast forward to today. The technology landscape has changed dramatically and we are now able to install high tech cameras in the most remote locations. Through the use of our technology partners, we beam high definition video in real-time to the device of your choice. Whilst the environment and the personnel, as well as the ownership of Africam, has changed, our focus remains the same. We continue to ask the question – how can we use technology and our resources to provide you with the best live window into Africa’s wildlife?


Our Profit for Purpose Model – Generate Awareness, Be Champions For Conservation


Africam.com – our free online community funded by Advertising

Africam.com’s primary purpose is to showcase Africa’s wildlife live and generate conservation awareness amongst our community to as wide an audience as possible. Currently, our viewers originate from 200 countries and we have decided to provide access to this platform for free so that we don’t exclude anyone. To fund the free service, we do feature advertising throughout the website. Should you wish to watch the cameras without advertising, please consider our Subscription option.

Africam Ads Free Subscription – All the features and benefits without Advertising (LAUNCH 2020)

You get full access to Africam.com without the advertising and can continue to interact with the Africam community. The subscription fee will help us expand our camera network and continue to add features to enhance the product.

Africam4Good – Generating wildlife awareness & promoting our Conservation causes (LAUNCH 2020)

Everyone knows that protecting our wildlife and their ecosystems has become a number one priority. In Africa, our Rhinos and Elephants are under constant threat. We have partnered with a Rhino Rehabilitation centre (HESC) and an Elephant Rehabilitation centre (HERD) and we are inspired by the work that they do. 


Our subscribers can support one of these great organizations by donating directly via our donation page (to be launched in May) or as part of their monthly subscription. The Africam team has successfully run promotional campaigns in the past to support these institutions. We will continue with these initiatives throughout the year on behalf of these charities to raise funds. Find out more about these wonderful institutions HERE

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